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Early Stages

I am awake and very much alive. It was not always like this.

Years ago I felt trapped, life had become dull. Six letters were written right across my forehead: STRESS. Deep down I knew that things had to change. I began to dream of a better life.

Eventually I reached the edge of a canyon and thought: How on earth shall I get to the other side where the grass is greener. I had to learn how to fly. I was scared of the unknown, and yet I knew that the meadow of life on the other side was lush indeed…and I HAD to get there.

I didn’t fly alone. No, I had committed coaches, who recognized the potential in me, hidden from my inner eyes by a thick blanket of fog engulfing my soul. I was suffering, as many of us, from the cultural dis-ease of social conditioning.

Career Start

I learnt the hard way, good for you reading this. My journey from misery to magic made me a teacher with wisdom and knowledge to share.

What is social conditioning? I describe it as a murky pond created by a set of rules, which hinder us from fulfilling our potential for the common good of all. I used to swim in that murky pond because I didn’t know any better. That was one tale.

I began to write a new story, and learnt to swim more and more in the clear water of human existence in the ocean of unlimited opportunities, where all things are possible.

Experience has taught me how I create my own reality. I am a Happiness Designer, who opens doors within, smashes glass ceilings by thinking outside the box.

I love it when the universe gets my attention through yet another beautiful and exciting dream. It wakes me up even more to a wondrous life waiting to be experienced.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: curiosity about potential.

My Experience

The process of inner growth, learning to acknowledge where, when and with whom we block ourselves through habits and thought patterns, which have passed their sell-by-date, is incredibly liberating. I am passionate about polishing the inner diamond of those who long to excel and live joyful lives, as I keep on learning to excavate my own inner treasures too.

Together we sparkle brighter. Illumination, illumination, illumination….

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Dare to dream dreams and set yourself free – Charlotte common