What is life Coaching?

I am sure that there are variety of ways to explain life coaching.

Here is my very personal one, which speaks of who I am and what I do. I actually do not call myself a Life Coach. I am a Happiness Designer.

What makes people happy?
I believe that living our dreams brings happiness, as God given talents are used to run this planet well.


Dare to dream dreams and set yourself free.
 Charlotte Common

What do ‘New Life Explorers’ need?

They long to tell their story with the aim of being heard, which is different from being listened to. Their desire is to be understood with no judgement.

“New Life Explorers’ are ready for change”

In my role as a Happiness Designer I encourage transformation as part of the evolution of humanity. I support ‘New Life Explorers’ on their journey as they create a more fulfilling reality, based on their individual talents.

6 Reasons why people would benefit from my Happiness Designer Expertise

Those longing for positive changes in their lives become restless. Life, as it is, seems dull. A feeling that there is more to life than currently experienced becomes stronger and stronger and painful. Fear begins to unsettle the person, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of never manifesting the dream within.

I create a safe and nurturing environment where dreams of an exciting future are celebrated as a gift.

A person is gently guided on the journey to the goldmine within.

I help to unfold the map on the road to exploring potential and provide positive energy so that outdated stories can be transformed into newness of life.

4 I teach how to say good bye to mediocrity and embrace excellence.

Every man is a unique King and every woman a unique Queen in the universal Garden of Eden. I, therefore, help to dissolve any thought patterns that do not support uniqueness.

A ‘New Life Explorer’ is given tools how to practice the Art of Self-Love through a high level of self-care.