Newsletter – Of Frames and Teachers

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Of Frames and Teachers

An advertisement for the Guggenheim Museum in the Travel Magazine ‘Where, New York’ caught my eye for two reasons. First of all, the unusual and very modern architecture of the building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright made me look twice. Secondly the following words

If this is the frame, imagine the art inside.’

advertising its world famous art brought a smile to my face.

Guggenheim Museum

Immediately I linked the phrase to humanity. We all live in a frame, our bodies. The wealth of potential is phenomenal, if we dare to believe that our souls are like precious goldmines waiting to be excavated.

I am sure that the experts during the summit “From Misery to Magic – Love Gone Wrong” planted many seeds for reflection, offering their precious time and expertise.

Our world is changing for sure. We are the ones who can actively search for a far more meaningful and fulfilling life by living as authentically as possible. EXPERIENCE is a great teacher, so are LOVE and PAIN. They are invaluable friends on our journey through life. PAIN lets a person know that an accident has possibly resulted in a broken ankle. PAIN also knocks on the door of our hearts when a relationship needs urgent attention, when it might be slipping beyond the point of repair. EXPERIENCE teaches us what we need to know to make positive changes. LOVE reminds each of us that we are unique and true masterpieces carefully designed by the universal Creator.

The paradise of the soul exists.

‘If this is the frame, imagine the art inside.’

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours.


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