The Temple of My Soul


The Temple of My Soul

Exploring the Potential for Healing
From a Life Damaged by a Distorted Body Image

The Healing of a Broken Spirit
You look in to your eyes and see a broken spirit,
Once so magical, then damaged many moons ago.

How did it happen?
Which arrows pierced your precious heart?

Is this it, the fate of endless suffering,
The dark coffin imprisoning the parts of your unlived soul?

Vitality and radiance
Damaged by voices, choices, choices.
Whose voices had the power to kill?

The fresh energy of your youth
It is there, oh yes, it is there.
Together we will find it.

Charlotte Common

What this course offers:
This course offers guidance towards discovering the beauty of your body. It is a treasure map to a life that seemed lost. It is an adventure of discovery, a pathway to deepening self-love! Inner glaciers can melt away to release a stream of flowing vitality.

Course Contents:
This twelve chapter course will take you on an introspective journey through key life stages that have brought you to where and who you are today.

Learning Outcome:

This course should be the catalyst for a life fuelled by the beauty of soulful, youthful living nurtured and celebrated in the temple of your soul.

Who can benefit from this course?

1. Did you ever stand in front of a mirror hating yourself?

2. Did you ever compare yourself to others shrinking inside?

3. Did you ever hide your body under baggy clothes?

4. Did you ever feel blocked performing on stage, public speaking or dancing at a party?

5. Did you ever swallow food to keep sadness or anger locked up?

6. Did you ever fill your stomach because you felt emotionally empty?

7. Did you ever eat to satisfy your unfulfilled hunger to receive or give love?

8. Did you ever shy away from going on a date or having sex feeling ashamed of your body?

If one of these questions touched your soul, this course might be for you.

I am excited to support you in your search for happiness as you learn to appreciate, honour and fall in love with the temple of your soul.

Together we can excavate your true vibrant essence. The life, which seemed lost… together we can find it.

You can watch my video by clicking on this link: The Temple of my Soul

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours
Your Happiness Designer