Newsletter – The Gift of Truth

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The Gift of Truth

In his excellent book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ Dr. Spencer Johnson tells the powerful story of two mice and two little people who make their way daily to Cheese Station C to eat cheese. With time all four got so used to their routine that it came as a big shock to them when one day there was no cheese. The mice accepted quickly that the cheese had gone. They began to look for new cheese. In contrast, the little people began to analyse the situation wondering why there was no cheese and who could have possibly taken it. For the little people it was hard to accept reality. They thought about their lost cheese for quite a while before they began to act and finally search for new cheese.

T.S. Elliot, one of the great 20th century poets once wrote: ‘Humankind cannot bear very much reality’. I am sure that all of us have experienced a number of occasions throughout our lives when we hid the truth from ourselves, rather than face it.

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I wonder why it is so difficult to accept reality and make the necessary changes? Truth is a gift as it opens the door for new life. After all, choosing to stay stuck in unhealthy relationships and situations is harmful. The emotional price we pay as a result can be very high indeed.

Have we allowed ourselves to be conditioned and imprisoned by the belief that we must focus on our fears, rather than on the liberating truth?

I wonder how much potential for growth can be unlocked to serve our planet more effectively by facing the truth. Perhaps it is time to honour and celebrate the most precious and life changing gift of truth, whilst unlocking still hidden divine treasures that lie within.

Our fears can keep us imprisoned in an invisible paddock with our heads down, mulling things over and going around in circles. They never allow us to escape from old and destructive habits, until one day we dare to unwrap the gift of TRUTH.


The gift of TRUTH has the energy to unlock the
Fear of failure
Fear of rejection
Fear of abandonment
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of deficiency
Fear of words
Fear of conflict
Fear of change
Fear of success
Fear of …
Truth is the gift, which opens the door to love and freedom. It surely dissolves fears that once hindered us from truly living.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours


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