‘Everything you want is waiting for you to ask.
Everything you want also wants you.
But you have to take action to get it.’ Jack Canfield

I love this very powerful quote. Isn’t it amazing to think that all we desire within the deepest part of our souls is actually available to us. Action is required though. We need to ask for it, and then believe that the dream will unfold in the exact and perfect timing of the universe. Wow! Worth a try! Well actually I have tried it many times, and let me tell you it does work, when we dare to believe.

The second part of the quote is even better:

‘Everything you want also wants you’. Reflecting on these words is incredibly exciting. It gives us the opportunity to build a link between ourselves and the desire, create bliss, celebrate the magical feeling today, nurture our dreams with love in unwavering faith and an expectation so full of excitement that we begin to skip and dance through life instead of dragging our tail feathers wondering whether our dreams will come true.

Taking action is an important part of manifesting our dreams. If we wait passively for everything to fall into place, our dream of a better future might just sadly stay a nice idea. If we do, however, take action and do everything in our power, then the second step, patiently waiting, becomes the action required.

Whatever the time, place, moment in time…the universe always rewards action.

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