Book Launch at the Sugar Beach Resort 20th February 2014

After his very first train journey at a speed of 20 km/hour a Native American stepped off the train and lay down on the ground immediately.

Some passengers walked straight passed, others stood and watched. One person asked him: ‘Why are you lying down?’ The Native American answered: ‘I have travelled so fast, I’m waiting for my soul to catch up.

This is a little bit how I feel at this moment, waiting for my soul to catch up. The publication of my first book The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut has created some wonderful, life giving energies not only for my family, friends and myself but for others too.

On 1st of August 2010, while on holiday, I woke up early in the morning in Room 660 at the Sugar Beach Resort with the title The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut in front of my eyes. I was surprised and at the same time so very excited. My long dream of writing a book seemed to be coming true. On that morning when I began to write, I had no idea how this story and my life here in Mauritius would unfold in the most magical and beautiful way.

Only a few days prior I had arrived from England exhausted as I had a very demanding job. Quickly though I began to recover walking along the beach and through the beautiful gardens, and mostly due to service with heart of the hotel staff. My creativity was released and it flowed like a fountain over the next 12 days as I wrote this book.

The the birth of The Magic Frangipane in Room 660, my story here in Mauritius and the strong and wonderful connection to the Sugar Beach Resort to whom this book is dedicated, are an example of Tourism at its best.

Trying to recover from a hard job I came back twice a year to find peace and inspiration. In 2012 I retired, came back to Mauritius and spent 5 months by the sea mostly in silence and writing.

Two more children’s books have been written here in Mauritius. I am hugely humbled and full of gratitude that God has led me to this beautiful island and its people, where my creativity and the dream I carried deep within my soul for many years have become one.

The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut are an invitation to dream not only for children but for adults of all ages too. It is an invitation to look at life from yet another angle and explore life in ever increasing dimensions.

Jane Fonda claims that we do not need to be perfect, but that we should search for wholeness. Maya, the heroine of the story, is made whole in Mauritius through the guidance of the Daddy of the Universe, the Magic Frangipane.

In return for all the goodness she received Maya is asked by the Magic Frangipane to rescue the Shy Coconut trapped high up in a tree. Maya is willing but she has to overcome her fears once again and learn to ask for help.

It is my prayer that The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut will bring to you what I have received in Mauritius: peace, love and inspiration.