Peace Happiness

Creating a Peaceful World

Most human beings long for a life in peace. The dream of living in paradise seems to be like a magnet.

However, during times of learning and change we are often faced with struggle. Working long hours to earn a living, bringing up children and educating them are tiring tasks and by far easy. Often people loose themselves by juggling their daily routines. There seems to be little room left to reflect on their needs, desires and dreams. And yet, without a vision of how we would like to live and which experiences we long to achieve through our decisions, we cannot create the world we enjoy.

In Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, we read that God carefully designed the world, providing for all human needs before actually crating with everything they will need before creating them. In a wise and mysterious way every person was given a special gift at birth, a talent to help run our planet well. Therefore, it is very important to respect each human being as a child of God. Life becomes good when we work together to achieve best results for the benefit of all.. By respecting and loving our fellow neighbours and honouring them as divine beings of light we create happiness and wellbeing together. This is the aim.

So why are prisons full and why does crime happen? I believe that ignored unhappiness and chronic unfulfilled needs breed crime. So what is society doing about it? The more happiness, love and understanding we create, the more we can become infectious with the peace we consciously design.

Sitting on a high horse, washing our hands clean by ignoring our own darkness, it is easy to point the finger at those who have messed up in life. But this is not how we create a wonderful world.
Allowing God to paint a wonderful piece of art in our hearts by offering him our wounds, desires and unfulfilled needs for transformation, turning our darkness into colourful and bright lights instead, is the answer.

To create a peaceful world means to live our truth no matter what, because in our truth lie all the answers for our evolution and peace. Celebrities seem to be the heroes of our time. But what we forget is that as children of God we are all celebrities. Therefore, we should celebrate each other in the palace we all live in together, our magnificent world.

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