From Misery to Magic – Love gone wrong

From Misery to Magic - Summit Poster #2

We live in an exciting era of change, where we have the great privilege to be part of the transformation of the world. A magical awakening is taking place through those who embrace the rising sun of truth within their hearts. My curiosity about the evolution of humanity, especially the aspect of unleashing potential by living our truth, inspired me to create the following interview series: From Misery to Magic – Love gone wrong. How to turn the dry acre of a limited life into a lush, abundant paradise of the soul. If you at times feel frustrated, stuck or have dreams of a wonderful future and would like to explore them, then this free online summit is for you. Through this free online interview series a number of experts and I are going to wet the appetite of the audience for truthful living by embracing self-love, and by developing a hunger for fulfilling unique, divine and therefore magical potential in all areas of life.

‘Dare to dream dreams and set your soul free.’

Charlotte Common
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