Jealousy – The Ego Driven Warrior

One of the very destructive human traits from generation to generation has always been jealousy. Why are people jealous and why is it so damaging?

Far too often jealousy is brushed under the carpet as an uncomfortable fact of life. But if it is ignored, it can destroy relationships and ultimately lives.

Jealousy is like a poison, which floats around, wrapping people into a toxic cloud, which has the ability to paralyze, the jealous person and the one targeted.

Jealous people are fearful people. They are afraid of loss, loss of a partner, loss of a job, loss of opportunities in life, the list is long. They somehow have convinced themselves deep within that if they weaken the other person through critique or by boxing another person into their narrow minded ideas of life, they will gain the security they crave.


But nothing could be further from the truth. Jealous people are difficult to live with. Their demands on others in their need to feed the insecure and power hungry ego, is not only tiring but also unloving and destructive. When jealousy is excused by saying that it is a token of love, it can have a very negative effect, and can become like an untamed beast within causing havoc. Jealousy and love have absolutely nothing to do with each other. A jealous person does simply not know how to love, neither him/herself nor the other.

Why would any loving person wish to imprison a loved one? True love thrives in freedom to explore and experience life in an atmosphere based on a deep connection between souls. In a relationship of such a high quality there is no need for jealousy, because the strong soul bond is all that matters. This beautiful unseen bond is a powerful energy, which breaks through all our human barriers and coping mechanisms by creating something extraordinary for the benefit of all involved.


The contrast between a human being who has learnt to treasure deep soul bonds and a jealous person trying to manipulate and control, is huge. The experience is altogether very different. One moves forward feeling secure and loved, the other stays trapped through painful and self-destructive thought patterns.


Jealous people have developed a strong finger pointing at others, making them responsible for their misery. But again nothing could be further from the truth.


Their lesson is to take responsibility for their destructive behaviour and by doing so release the ego and become a warrior for peace.