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Charlotte Common
Over the past few years I have become more and more passionate about the evolution of humanity. Thankfully there is a huge shift happening towards authentic living. I find this very exciting. At long last I witness how people are being liberated from outdated beliefs that brought so much suffering to so many people. The cause is often social conditioning, a dis-ease, which starts in early childhood. It can result in life-long suffering living behind a mask. Eventually a person is buried and so is unfulfilled potential. Someone once said that we die in our twenties and are buried in our eighties. There is a lot of sadness and frustration in the land called Must and Should.
Recently I was asked how I view failure. I had to think about that question for a while and came up with the following analogy. Failure is like a river. There is nothing wrong with a river and there is nothing wrong with failure. The river flows into an ocean and failure flows into the sea of experience learning to love ourselves. The emphasis here is not on the river or the failure. The meaning lies in the verb flow. To evolve means to flow to a higher level of maturity in contrast to staying stuck in the same old murky pond of survival. Evolution is not possible without a greater understanding and practice of self-love.
In one of my previous inspirational letters I mentioned that I became the woman I am today by facing the truth about two unhappy marriages. My soul had been imprisoned in my youth, my wings cut. I didn’t know that. I thought that this was normal. I was lost searching for happiness with partners who were lost themselves. Something inside of me craved for something I didn’t know what it was. Today I understand that the authentic Charlotte was trying to give birth to herself. I simply could no longer live a life on the terms of other people. I broke free and began to experience bliss. It was a great moment for which I am truly grateful. I knew then that I had discovered something which I needed to teach to my children.
It was not without struggle of course but bit by bit I built a new authentic life with more and more blissful moments, a life which now my children find blissful too.
The flow of the river to the sea of experience has its waterfalls, of course it has. Through practice I have learnt to deal with these waterfalls in a life- giving way by using the gift of imagination. During those challenging moments, I choose to see myself falling into a golden tub of bliss and bath in it until I have reached a new level of maturity and my life is transformed yet again for the better.  The more I learn myself, the more I can teach those who are searching for ways to change their lives from misery to magic too.  I know that together we have the power and energy to create a blissful new world fuelled by authentic love.
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Sending you warmth from my soul to yours

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