Newsletter – Elegant Love

Paradise of the soul - header July 2017w“Things are going on in the universe, glorious and wonderful things, of which we know nothing.”
Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury)

One of the most precious moments of every day is the moment I wake up. How amazing is this feeling of hearing the birds sing. It makes me so grateful that I can see and hear without taking these precious gifts for granted. As soon as I am awake I also tune into my inner voice others call intuition. Drinking coffee, greeting the world, feeling one with nature I ask for guidance how to live by design.
I begin to dream of the experiences I desire. A woman appears, the real me, open to life as never before. Every day I become more and more curious about the fascinating world we have the privilege to call our home. And yet, for many life can be extremely painful. Some of the rooms of the mansion we call Planet Earth are very untidy and messy.
Sunrise 1

Sometimes I wonder whether humanity has forgotten how to love. Robin Sharma claims that we are born fearless with our hearts wide open. What happens next, I ask. Are we taught by society to fear and close our hearts?

I am dreamer and therefore believe in elegant love, a love in freedom, which simply gets better and better and heals deep wounds. I believe in creating healthy intimacy, which matures and grows into a love tree with deep roots and glorious blossoms. I know that this can only work if I myself start knowing and loving myself as never before. Only when my own love treasure chest is full can I pass the jewels on to the person I love freely and without conditions. Elegant love, yes, yes, yes, elegant love! I trust that elegant love is the magical energy our world is searching for and needs. And so, I keep on dreaming and exploring with an open mind and an open heart. Curiosity and a great love for humanity are the stars guiding me.

Love 2

The Meeting

‘…when you take the hand of someone you love,
what happens to those hands?

Your darling comes, and you ask,
How can I help you? Come here.

Reason wonders, Should I go?
And your loving, Should I run?

The one you love signals,
Yes. I want both of you.

The table is there. Sit down.
Choose the bright company.
Don’t worry about food.

Now I pass to you this silence,
So that the alternations of night and day
With their flaming language
May finish the story.

Elegant love, yes, may the ‘flaming language’ of the universal heart ‘finish the story’.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours