Newsletter – He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

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One of the most confusing aspects of our lives is probably romantic love. I have been there, starred in that film, have worn the T-shirt in pink, sky blue, purple and black.

Over the years, I have learnt through experience that some important issues of our daily lives are divided by a very fine line. Where for example does the deep love of a parent for his/her child become confusing because it has turned into his/her neediness and selfishness? How many couples stay together believing that they love each other? In truth, it might not be love that connects them but rather the fact of being used to each other. That truly is a completely different experience.

Madness society creates small

It seems acceptable in our society that we twist our romantic love life into a Pretzel. Worst of all for me is that we teach our children to do the same. I ask myself the questions more and more: Has our fantastic world blessed with amazing people turned into a human Pretzel Bakery? Is incredible human potential lost in the land of conformists? Are there rusty road signs swaying in the wind of confusion pointing the way towards the silent inner chaos cave of ‘HIDE YOUR TRUTH’?

I believe, that Love is another word for courage. It takes guts to be authentic. To enjoy the fruits of a life giving authentic love is a process. There are important questions we must ask ourselves and answer them in all honesty:

Who expects to experience a love life of high quality pretending…?
Why choose survival over living?
Why bury yourself if there is an amazing potential waiting to be excavated?
Why exist behind half shut or even closed doors as conformists?

I come from Germany and LOVE eating Pretzels. However, I decided long ago not to be one. It was not an easy decision to wake up to reality and make some very hard choices. The more I decided to choose healing through authenticity the stronger I became. Life is a choice. ‘He loves me not’ was extremely painful to accept. However, not to love myself was not an option. Eventually I was ready to make a brilliant choice. I chose one day to open my soul wide, wider, and wider still. I consciously let the precious fragrance of the divine essence given to all of us at our birth flow freely to beautify the entire world. The reward has been wonder-full.

True love does not wound, it heals.
True love gets better and better.
True love sets both partners free to be who they are meant to be.
True love lights up the world.

Love is action small

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours

Your Happiness Designer