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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain
As a mother of three children I often wondered what it must have been like for them to enter a cold world after leaving the warmth of the womb. And of course, I ask myself how did I experience the transition when I was born?  None of us really know, I suppose. Perhaps we need to walk this planet for quite a while before we realize what an epic moment our birth was.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to relive the moment when we began our journey through life? How powerful the thought to ask the person who touched us for the first time, smiled at us, nurtured us, made us feel safe. What was it like? How did my skin feel? I have noticed that it is far more liberating to celebrate our birth in deep gratitude than birthdays. Not all birthdays are happy occasions. It depends on the circumstances we are in. However, the moment of our birth stays always a miracle.

Life is a journey of discovery and it begins at our birth. At that very precious moment planet earth was blessed through the arrival of a baby, an expression of pure divine love and light. I find this mind-blowingly beautiful. This thought stirs my soul deep within every time I reflect on it, breathe more life into it.

Rays of sunshine gently warm my face as I am writing this. These are the same sun rays that warmed a baby girl many moons ago. And the stars, yes, the stars that shone brightly during that very special night after I took my first breath, the breath that stayed with me all my life… they sparkle just as beautiful as ever.

I wonder why so often in life we forget our true purpose. Aren’t we just like the sun, moon and the stars, exquisite beings of light, each one of us, born to light up the world? Just like the moon whispers every night Here I Am perhaps each one of us could do the same remembering who we are.

With my inner eye, I see a powerful image, the world lighting up one soul at a time celebrating the divine light we are. I can hear a song across the globe sung by happy hearts awakened to their true purpose:
Here I Am, Here I am Here I am…

Our true naturews

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours