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Life is a Mystery

On one of my walks along the beach I found a small unusual shell. I picked it up and admired its beauty. When I was just about to continue my walk I discovered only one meter away an almost identical bigger version of this unusual shell. I had never seen anything like it before and was therefore amazed to find not only one but two. These shells reminded me that life is a mystery, and this mystery is a gift.


A few years ago when I wrote my first book The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut I discovered first hand what it means to enter into an unknown process, and to allow it to unfold naturally. Over the course of ten magical days I typed into my computer what I described later as watching a film with my inner eyes. Day by day the story took shape, new characters appeared, and the scenery changed without me ever thinking about it. On the tenth and last day I knew early in the morning that the book would soon be finished, and yet, I had no idea how it could possibly end. The happy ending was even for me as the author a wonderful surprise. Writing The Magic Frangipane and The Shy Coconut was one of the most exciting experiences of my life because the process I had entered was wrapped in mystery. Since then I have written two further books in the same way. The lessons I learnt are profound.

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Since then I have often wondered how it happens that new people enter into our lives at a crucial point, who have exactly the expertise we need. Fresh ideas, challenges or opportunities seem to present themselves out of the blue inviting us to explore our potential even further. Ups and downs can therefore be seen as bridges, which lead us mysteriously to the yet unknown precious places within where greater wisdom and deeper love are waiting to be experienced. Life surely is a mystery, and this mystery is a gift.

“When it rains we sometimes see a rainbow. Moisture and light cooperate to create a stairway to heaven…All we have to do is trust and believe.” Muhammad Ali

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours.

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