Newsletter – Magical Moments

Paradise of the soul - header Sept 2017w

This morning I reflected on my journey through life. It was like watching my own film. There were those times of suffering when I climbed emotional mountains, the air so thin that I could hardly breathe. During times of great happiness, I saw myself singing and dancing on the universal stage of love. Whether I crawled through the mud of life, skipped in the rain or playfully rolled down a meadow in the Alps giggling and laughing like a little girl, whatever I remembered this morning I breathed life into it.


Suddenly I realised that no matter what I had experienced in my life all moments contained magic. No matter how much I had cried during tough times, no matter how much my knees had been shaking walking into the unknown into new life experiences, there was one constant life giving friend I had. This magical friend is called Breath.
In deep gratitude, I lit a candle. Suddenly all the moments of my life, good, bad, amazing, very bad, mediocre, fascinating, painful, thrilling, super sad and super happy became magical. Breath had been there through thick and thin, never left me. Breath and I consciously breathed life into every single moment of my life. But not only that. Breath and I breathed life into every single relationship, every encounter no matter how brief or how long.Magical moments, life is full of magical moments. And those traumatic times I thought will stick to me like glue forever? I suddenly recognised the gift lying in the mud of my mind. Breath was and is and will be the gift.


My friends know that I often talk about sweating glitter. Oh, what a magical moment this is right now blowing a kiss full of glitter with the intention to bless every soul in every corner of the world.

Magical moments, magical moments, magical moments…

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours

Your Happiness Designer