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Today I walked along the beach with the intention of listening to the waves. When I left my home very early in the morning I felt strongly that they had a message for me. I became still, opened my heart wide in joyful anticipation. Every wave playing with the sand gave me the same word: surrender.
I watched the sun rise majestically surrendering to yet another day of bringing light. It humbled me to realise how many people since the beginning of time had been warmed by the sun. The story of the sun is so magical, I thought. In deep gratitude, I walked on as the waves kept on singing to me, surrender, surrender, surrender. I paused opening my heart even more. And then suddenly the horizon began to tell me a magical story of infinite possibilities for all those who dare to believe in the gift of the unknown. Tears ran down my face as I saw with my inner eyes a new world unfolding created by a deeper longing for love and greater desire for freedom. Surrender, surrender, whispered the waves.
I opened my heart even further as I walked back to the car. I began to tell the waves and the horizon a magical story of my surrender by accepting infinite possibilities. I wonder what is going to happen now.
I Am 
by Charlotte Common
I am the shade under the tree in the scorching sun
I am the warm open fire in a log cabin in the mountains
I am the Olympic flame, which no one can extinguish
I am the ocean, which makes the dolphins play
I am the lush oasis in the desert
I am the key which unlocks doors and potential
I am a rebel
I am a motivator
I am a symphony
I am change
I am freedom
I am love
I am alive.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours