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Orchids, Souls and Helicopters

A few years ago a friend brought me the most beautiful Orchid as a gift. I treasured this Orchid very much. The Orchid and I became a ‘successful team’. I made sure I cared for it, and the Orchid rewarded me with the most amazing blossoms. It just so happened that I received more Orchids from other friends and relatives too, and soon I had a stunning Orchid collection. As time went by some people who had heard about my love for Orchids entrusted me with any of theirs, which had become rather dull and sad. I nursed them back to life. Orchids just like human souls require the right care and environment to flourish.


Years ago while living in England I watched Sea Rescue Helicopters take off or land from my kitchen window, often wondering whether their mission to help someone in a difficult situation had been successful. Still today, 10 years later, I can hear the blades of the chopper rotating as it flew low over the house. Our home was the landmark guiding the pilot to the helicopter landing pad. I can clearly remember the peaceful feeling deep within when the crew left for a rescue mission, knowing that help was on its way for a struggling soul, and also the sigh of relief when the helicopter returned safely home.


The uniqueness of Orchids is a metaphor for me for precious human and also animal souls. The Sea Rescue Helicopter reminds me how important it is for our individual and collective world well-being that we ourselves need to be our own Rescue Helicopters at times. Taking responsibility for the needs and desires of our divine souls will save us from drifting through life on the waves of a seemingly robotic, soul destroying ocean of habits and demands, leading into the darkness of unhappiness, frustration and survival.

It is through our individual healing and home coming to our natural beauty that we light up the world together. As we let go off some outdated ideas, which do not belong to us any longer, we have an opportunity to be part of creating a wonderful new world, the world of our magnificent dreams.


the entrance to the sanctuary


inside you.’



Sending you warmth from my soul to yours



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