Newsletter – The Magic is in the Unknown

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A few years ago, I walked my dogs over the beautiful fields of Yorkshire. Something was not right. I was overworked suffering the effects of poor leadership. It was a lonely and frustrating journey. The combination of negotiating a huge workload without any adequate support and inspiration from superiors landed me on a horrible and frustrating mud slide of survival. I was fighting this ugly process as I felt trapped. I didn’t like it.  I could feel that my creativity and zest for life began to be drowned by what I call GTL, Generational Template Living. I wasn’t having any of that. I am not a robot and not a giraffe in a zoo.
Whether we call it the workplace or family life, both can be like wading in a soul destroying mud bath huffing and puffing trying to work out how to get out. Huffing and puffing, crawling away if there is no quick escape, call it what you like… the silent holocaust of the soul demands one thing: action. Excuses are no excuse. At the end of the day the responsibility lies with each one of us. Every life is precious, we can’t waist it on taught behaviour and social outdated ideas.
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Society in many areas of life has taught us how to fear change and the unknown. As a result, many buy into the idea that life and lack are what life is all about. This is such a sad way of looking at life on our fascinating planet.
If we are programmed from an early age to accept lack that is what we will create for ourselves. The magic of life, however, is in the unknown. For example, when a baby learns to walk, it does that because of an inner urge. The little baby has no idea that it takes its first steps into the vast unknown. I believe, that we were created to experience the abundance of the soul, whatever that means to the individual. This longing has often been overshadowed though by the cultural thinking of limitations and lack. And yet, the first steps of a baby into the unknown are celebrated. I am sure no one doubts the baby as it enters a new phase of its development.
Stepping out of unhealthy workplaces and families where frustration and pain are on the menu year in and year out is necessary. The courage to say NO to survival comes with a shift within, and then the door to the magic of the unknown opens. When that happens, we can’t go back as the higher vibrations of new life in the unknown pull us out of the mud.
The world evolves in the magic of the unknown. It is a choice to survive as a robot in the old life making apparent moral excuses. These moral traits are often not moral at all as they lock people into invisible prisons. If you ask me it is mud spray painted in pink.
The much, much healthier option is to search for new life and find your purpose, peace and happiness.

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Sending you warmth from my soul to yours

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