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‘You can’t see the light in others until you see it in yourself. Yet once you see it in yourself, there is no one in whom you do not see the light.’ Paul Ferrini

Light within 2

Life is an experience. Listening to others I have learnt that we share a common interest in exploring the meaning of life to gain more and more understanding why we are here on this planet. Just like the ocean, the sun, trees and birds have their special purpose so has every human being.  How do we find out what it is?
A few years ago while working as a pastor I used to go into primary schools to teach children moving into the senior school how to meditate. The leap from the small primary school set-up to huge senior school was overwhelming for some. The aim of the meditations was to give the children inner tools to draw upon, by teaching spiritual awareness. We lived in an area with wonderful trees. In our meditation I encouraged the children to imagine being a leaf on a tree and how that would feel. The children loved the meditation. Quickly they understood that walking to school or looking out of a class room window they were surrounded by trees, a gentle reminder to connect with themselves and find peace using their inner resources. The meditation was taken from Mary Stone’s wonderful book ‘Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There: Developing Children’s Spiritual Awareness’.
The positive effect meditations have is simply amazing. How else could we discover our true, unique and very magical song? Only by tapping into our inner most being do we find out what fragments us or what makes us whole. Our souls tell the truth and we discover whether we sing our own divine song or simply follow the tune of others.
Meditation helps us to allow the wounds of the past to surface, wounds which were inflicted because we simply had learnt to ignore our own song, times when we had followed the crowd instead of listening to the song of the Me Bird.

Song bird

In the Tree of Life

by Charlotte Common

In the tree of life I saw broken hearts
wounds from long ago, ignored out of fear.
lingering, lingering, lingering..

Hearts silently bleeding for decades, pain seemed normal…
and yet, wondering why sadness had dimmed their view
hindering the vision towards the bright horizon.

It was time to respect the wounds…sacred moments.
Painful memories, which had pierced the soul healed at last.
The fragrance of a life too good to be true filled the air.
Beautiful dreams had suddenly space to unfold their magical wings.

Listening to the song of the Me Bird does not make us selfish. It actually helps us to excavate our inner light. Together we illuminate the world, together we evolve and together we join the magical universal chorus of the Me Birds flying towards unlimited possibilities to create, create, create….and, more beauty, beauty, beauty with love.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours



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