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Nourishment for the Paradise of the Soul Nov 2/17 Vibrant Colours of the Universe Sometimes it is useful to look back and notice how far we have moved forward on the road to fulfilling our potential.
There was a time in my life when the favourite colour in my wardrobe was black. Jumpers, trousers, skirts, shoes everything matched for sure. Looking back, I smile. Walking the planet in mainly black clothes for a few formative years makes perfect sense to me today. During that time, I often felt that the real Charlotte was stuck inside of me longing to get out.
Inner FreedomM
One grey and rainy day I decided to make Intuition my best friend. Intuition became a trustworthy partner, reminding me daily never to settle for second best and to pay attention to mouth-watering visions for my life. I fell in love with Intuition and we began to play. I bought a red jumper and red shoes. A light had gone on in my wardrobe. The woman within me began to dance. The deepest part of my soul shimmered in the glow of the red.
Intuition sang while I painted with words, writing magical stories and poetry of love in freedom. The yellow silk scarf on the blue chair carried a dream of an island far away, the warmth of the sun and oceans without fences.
Today the black wardrobe looks stunning against the vibrant colours on the painting of my life. Intuition I thank you. All those mouth-watering visions truly set the once trapped woman within me free.
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I am the universe within, whispered Intuition as I sat on the bench admiring the moon and the stars. When I fell asleep later that night I invited all the vibrant colours of the universe to shine, shine, shine through every facet of my soul. I wonder what is going to happen now?

That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great.
Willa Cather

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours

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