Newsletter – On The Boat Called Destiny

Paradise of the soul - header Dec 2016w

by Charlotte Common

It was kind of magical.
As I sat on the rainbow dangling my legs in the air
I suddenly began to slide into the lap of destiny.
It was a new place, warm, mysterious and thrilling.

Only yesterday I had imagined while dreaming among the stars
Of the Southern Cross,
That I had taken the Lotus flowers decorating my naked shoulders
And handed them to the moon in anticipation, anticipation… and gratitude.

A new life had begun.
I fell in love with destiny,
The moon and the stars
And my vibrant, glitter sweating dreams.

Lotus flower

Full of excitement I looked out at the horizon as the sailing boat left the harbour. Seven days at sea; a journey into the unknown. The crew of course knew exactly where we were going. I had decided for myself though to surrender to living in the moment. It was a fantastic trip which taught me a lot about myself. Without realising it at the time I had actively surrendered to a new way of being.

Sailing boat

I am an explorer of the unknown, always have been deep down, curious whether there isn’t a better way to surf the waves of life. I was made that way.  After many struggles in the past the word ‘destiny’, today makes me sing out loud, skip and dance again. Over the years I have painfully learnt to let the old slide through my fingers and welcome the new with open arms. Some time ago I discovered that the key to my inner treasure chest of potential was not rusty at all, and that it turned, and even better still, that the lid opened to release magical energies.

So why the struggles in between? Following the crowd, I had buried my potential at the bottom of the sea, locked the explorer up in the ship wreck called fear. Instead of allowing my own journey to unfold in a mysterious way I had allowed myself to drift away in the current of the ideas of others.

Destiny, however, is a very precious boat. It needs to be taken care off. Only one’s own soul provides the assurance that it stays on the right course.  We become what we think about. The passengers on the boat called Destiny influence either our growth or stagnation. As Mahatma Gandhi reminds us:

Your destiny - Gandhiw

‘Your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny’…we can only ever truly develop our own to fulfil our potential and bless the world. We were made that way.

I am an explorer, curious about the evolution of humanity…Once again tonight I have handed the moon some Lotus flowers in anticipation, anticipation and gratitude.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours


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