Sunday Reflections – 2

Sunday Reflection: 27 November 2016
Freedom by Charlotte Common
Dedicated to my children Christina, Nicholas and Michael
Have you ever felt trapped by the fears of others,
clipping your wings, clipping your wings
dimming the light in your eyes?
Have you ever felt that you are only half alive,
not firing on all cylinders,
burying your dreams?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like
to manifest all your dreams,
all of them and nothing less?
Freedom, freedom, freedom
glorious freedom is inside you
waiting patiently to be lived.
Sunday Reflection: 20 November 2016
One of the most exciting notions of life
Is the gift of evolution!
Life-giving changes
Facing truth
Good bye dysfunctional relationships
Farewell role play
As we dare to liberate ourselves
We liberate those around us too.
Evolution… accepting the shadow
Of our existence, the result of choices,
To feel the difference between darkness and light
Wisdom, fulfilling relationships, embracing new ways,
Deeper love, even deeper love, and even deeper love
Are the desires of the universe for us!
Why would we want to reject the gift of change?
Why ignore the treasure choice reveals?


Sunday Reflection: 13 November 2016

by Charlotte Common

There is an energy deep within,
released can change the world,
an energy of beauty still unknown yesterday,
creating life beyond our wildest dream.

The energy of light and healing
flooding the world, letting go, letting in,
excavating purest parts divine,
saying YES to life and love.

It took time, time, time to wake up
now the purpose becoming clear, clearer still…
to understand the difference
yes, a little more every day!

Sunday Reflection: 6 November 2016

The Power of What If

What If are two words, which have great power: The power to imprison the soul or to set it free.

What if the decision to allow change is painful?
What if it all goes wrong?
What if loneliness creeps in?
What if the money runs out?
What if this fails?
What if the decision provokes rejection?

These are paralysing What Ifs, which hinder evolution, keeping individuals stuck in their misery, sometimes for a life time.

There is another way. The key is in the question.

What if allowing change would uncover the greatest blessings?
What if facing the truth at last is the beginning of an amazing life?
What if this decision to let go and let God unfolds magical dreams?
What if at long last freedom is truly available and so close?
What if unconditional and fulfilling love in all areas of life does exist?

The power of What If͛…the choice is ours to make.


Sunday Reflection: 30 October 2016

Smile at your soul and you will find what you have been looking for.

Sing your own soul song, drown out all those voices warning you, stopping you.

A wisdom far beyond human wisdom created you.

Sunday Reflection: 23 October 2016

Life is sacred and so are our stories.

On the Cloud of Time by Charlotte Common
For my sister Christine

On the cloud of time we travel
through the summer and winter
of our existence.

All of it is part of our unique story
until the flowers on our graves
hold us in their soft embrace,
and the fragrance of eternal life
calls us to journey on
to new beginnings.

On the cloud of time
those left behind
watch the rainbow in the sky
created by the tears
as they meet the rays of our souls.


Sunday Reflection: 16 October 2016

 The Kiss of the Universe by Charlotte Common
The universe kissed me this morning
when I opened my eyes to what is possible.
The dream became clearer,
more vibrant and colourful
like the rainbow,
stretching across the sky,
opening gates, golden gates,
awakening dormant potential.
As I said YES to the dream
so beautiful, so amazing, so vibrant,
we sealed it, the universe and I.
Here I am, an open temple of potential
in the Land of Possibilities.
Sunday Reflection: 9 October 2016
Dreams are precious gifts from the universe.
By saying YES to the visions in front of the inner eyes
we give God permission to make them bigger, brighter, more colourful and vibrant.
Dreams are God’s whisper:
Learn more
Grow more,
Experience more,
Live more,
Love more.
 Sunday Reflection: 1 October 2016
Every time I lock the front door I ask myself in all honesty:
Is there are part of my soul I keep locked up?
When I return home and open the door wide,
I open my soul a little more every time…
Coming home becomes a gift,
and new experiences follow almost automatically in a magical way.