Sunday Reflections – 3


Sunday Reflection: 29 January 2017

Freedom            by Charlotte Common
Have you ever felt trapped by the fears of others,
Clipping your wings, clipping your wings,
Dimming the light in your eyes?

Have you ever felt half alive, half alive,
Burying your dreams, burying your dreams?

Have you ever allowed yourself to feel the dreams,
All of them, all of them?

Freedom, freedom, freedom,
Glorious freedom inside of you
Patiently waiting to be lived.


Sunday Reflection: 22 January 2017

Happiness       by Charlotte Common
Happiness is knowing that the difficult parts in life are lessons.
Happiness is the freedom of living without fear.
Happiness is watching your inner child conduct orchestras.
Happiness is remembering magical moments.
Happiness is watering the Garden of Eden within.
Happiness is anticipation filled with excitement of what is still to come.


Sunday Reflection: 15 January 2017


Each of our lives tells a powerful and important story.

Inner Freedom and Self-Love

by Charlotte Common

Freedom paints my soul
in the most vibrant colours.

Self-Love is the ray of sun shine,
which makes it sparkle.

Sunday Reflection: 8 January 2017

A new year has begun and with it exciting opportunities for our evolution continue to unfold, if we allow it to happen.

New thinking, new belief systems, new actions, new results.

‘You cannot solve a problem with a mind that created it.’
Albert Einstein


Sunday Reflection: 1 January 2017

Welcome 2017

Welcome 365 days to explore our individual and collective evolution in the magical universe of possibilities.

Life is an adventure in the land of love and light, full of cosmic gifts, if we dare to open our hearts and minds.

Enjoy the ride receiving more love and light than ever before.

Sending you warmth form my soul to yours as we soar together higher and higher.


Sunday Reflection: 25 December 2016

Christmas Day by Charlotte Common

In my thoughts I come to you,
Bathing in your warmth and light,
Changed by the experience
Of simply kneeling.

Your eyes speak volumes
And so do mine,
Lost in companionship and love,
Every day a new beginning.

Light of the World,
A world of light
Your dream, your dream
And my dream too.

In trust I dissolve
into your universal love
to serve humanity
as best as I can.

And when I look at you
A tiny vulnerable divine baby
Born and nailed to the cross
Out of love for us…

…how can I be too fearful
to walk into the unknown,
say what others would not dare,
do what others would not do.

Thank you for Christmas,
Christmas, Christmas…
Every day, every night
As long as I live.

Wishing you all a wonder-full Christmas. May the light within you shine brighter and brighter every day.


Sunday Reflection: 18 December 2016

‘Godly Active Waiting’
For many Christmas is a very busy time of the year. There often seems to be little time left to pause and reflect, nurturing our inner divine light in quiet connection with the creator.
In this final week of Advent there is still time to practice ‘Godly Active Waiting’ (Taken from the book The Meaning is in the Waiting, Paula Gooder), following the example of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
Mary taught us among other things two very important virtues: Surrender to the will of God and waiting for the next revelation from God for the journey.
‘Godly Active Waiting’ means to listen with the inner ear and to begin loving the creator’s plan. Walking into the unknown takes courage. And yet, underneath the fear of letting go the divine light and magical bliss new ways of life offer are much stronger than any fears and doubts.


Sunday Reflection: 11 December 2016
Coming Alive
Shortly after our arrival in Calgary we drove to our new Canadian home. Along the Trans-Canada Highway 1 we saw miles and miles of dry prairie. It hardly rains in this area. Summers are hot. We often prayed for rain to ease the stress of struggling farmers due to the water shortage on the fields.
A few weeks before we moved back to the UK two and a half years later, it began to rain. The dry prairie turned into lush green grass, bushes and plants, which had been hidden for many years began to emerge and grow. It was magical to watch the prairie come alive.
I am sure that many of us have experienced the drying up of our souls, the misery broken relationships and denial bring.
And then when the moment comes that we finally accept what is and decide to change…oh the bliss of coming alive again!!!!!!


Sunday Reflection: 4 December 2016

Evolution – A Gift

A few years ago our family visited Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a 24 hrs city, buzzing with activity, exciting, a great adventure, different to all other cities we ever visited. At the time we lived in the prairies of Alberta, the nearest town 40 km away. The contrast between the sleepy prairie village and vibrant Las Vegas was huge for us.

Las Vegas never sleeps, nor do the prairies, nor does the universe. The world is always in motion, evolving, evolving, evolving…How exciting is this?

Change is a gift. We can look at it and place it on a shelf unwrapped. Or we can open it and find a treasure.