Sunday Reflections – 1

 Sunday Reflection: 25 September 2016
As the sun rises in so many souls all over the world allowing its rays to reflect their brilliance…many more souls are inspired to wake up too.
And so it becomes clearer and very healing indeed that social conditioning is like a dog without teeth, unless you give it false ones.
Sunday Reflection: 18 September 2016

The universal Source of light, the magical power behind our evolution is always for us. This highly creative energy is present at all times. Without fail it tells us when we deny our truth. However, are we prepared to listen?

Society conditions us from a very young age to focus on fears and limitations and so our divine natural core is buried.

New beginnings are always available. Therefore, we need to learn to differentiate of what we were conditioned to believe and what is our natural state.

The universe loves us deeply.


Sunday Reflection: 11 September 2016

As I was listening to The Flame by Cheap Trick this morning I looked out on to the sea. No matter how hard I searched I could not find a fence around the ocean. Googling Mount Everest, this magnificent mountain, standing free, standing free…

I reflected on times in my life when my spirit was crushed and boxed in by ideas of social conditioning, crushing others and boxing others in too.

And then, yes, then the God who cannot be tamed by human wisdom set me free through a song, touching my soul deep within:

Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden Ill be your dream, Ill be your wish, Ill be your fantasy…Ill be faithful cause I am counting on you…new beginning…deeper meaning…

I want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bath with you in the sea…͛

Yes, I said yes and made a choice to become a flame, no matter how strong and hurtful the words were trying to stop me. I said no to a life existing on a human paddock with my head down.

No, I looked up to the stars…and today I stand on that mountain and I swim in the sea. God indeed counted on me and I did not let the Alchemist of Love down. Together we illuminate the world as it shifts to authentic glorious living, a life by divine design humanity is yearning for.


Sunday Reflection: 4 September 2016

A few days ago coming down from a mountain I had to negotiate a challenging part. Looking down, concentrating on every step I suddenly noticed six stretched out hands of men and women helping me. I never saw their faces only their beautiful hands. Wonder-full, precious human connections of seven hands on a mountain of a small island.

The Great Alchemist of human souls knows the deeper meaning, I am sure.


Sunday Reflection: 28 August 2016

Love Letters to the Universe

Writing or receiving a beautiful love letter is something very special indeed. It is so soothing to the soul.
The universe is a special place. It is our home, the fountain of life. Writing a love letter to The Source opens doors within.


Sunday Reflection: 21 August 2016

Living in the Light of Truth.

Truth is like a spotlight shining its light into all areas of our lives 365 days a year, 24 hours each day. It is a light though which is not always appreciated. Therefore, we tend to choose the darkness of denial to create an illusion of peace.

An illusion, however, is an illusion and it will not go away. It is a stubborn pilgrim not leaving our side until we choose to live in the light of truth and create true peace.


Sunday Reflection: 14 August 2016

Daring to love ourselves unconditionally opens our hearts to the world in new and exciting ways. We become weavers of golden threads.

Golden Threads of Love by Charlotte Common

Unseen to the world are the golden threads
of love and friendship woven into our existence.
Suddenly they appear tickling our souls
with the wings of angels
crossing oceans, mountains, deserts.

It does not matter how far apart we are,
how many thousands of miles separate us,
Distance is an illusion.
Golden threads, one after the other
woven into a global tapestry of love,

Today and tomorrow, tomorrow,

Let’s weave…


Sunday Reflection: 7 August 2016

In her book A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson challenges the reader in a very powerful way by writing:

“…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

I am sure that there are many who long to embrace their inner light and pass it on to others like an Olympic torch. And yet, the fear of being on the receiving end of painful jealousies is very real. As the sun rises this morning lightening up the world and warming the earth may our souls reflect the beauty and power of the sun without any trace of fear.