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When I entered the restaurant on a freezing cold evening I stopped at the fire place and warmed my hands. Immediately I felt at home. The fire was roaring. I could have stood there for a long time watching the flames dance. However, I quickly sat down at a table and ordered a meal. I was hungry. The restaurant was busy and I realized that I had to wait for a while before dinner was served. I chose my favourite music on the ipod and began to dream.

The journey of the Soul2w

I love visualizing the life I long to live. Over the past few years I have developed a technique which helps me manifest the life I imagine.

At one point, I noticed that the reason why my dreams manifest themselves is my hunger for life. Deep within my soul a fire burns longing to spread light and warmth. I am so curious about the discovery and development of human potential. How exciting is the thought that every member of the human tribe can add their dreams, talents and gifts for the benefit of all?

We are the actors in the global film called LIFE. It is in our power to create a fantastic screen play together, colourful, vibrant, full of adventure, beauty and love.

So, what is stopping us? I believe that for some reason society cramps our style from a very young age onwards. We are all too often taught how to fear rather than trust. Our dreams are often buried under the habits and ideas of day to day life previous generations taught us. However, the good news is that anything we become aware of we can change.

As the waiter serves my food I am glad that it took some time. While the kitchen staff prepared the meal, I explored and planned an exciting future in my imagination on a magical journey uncovering yet unknown deep desires in my soul. I am hungry, hungry for life. I am curious about extended visions taking shape. Time for change once again. I have learnt from experience that change means growth and growth means wisdom.

Fire within

The meal in the restaurant was as delicious as my dreams. On my way out I stopped one last time at the open fire allowing the flames to ignite the fire within my soul in a new way. As I stepped through the door and into the cold winter night I was content. The desire to create a peaceful and beautiful world through the energy I release is stronger than ever before.

‘If no one is laughing at your dreams
you are not dreaming big enough.’

Robin Sharma

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours



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