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Ever since I began my theological studies at university I have been interested in the concept of the Garden of Eden. To me this allegory forms, what I call, The Arch of Love through which we are led into the most fascinating adventure of the soul. Right at the beginning of the Old Testament, God, Divine Energy, the Sacred Light…, whatever you might call the Creator opens his/her heart in front of our eyes inviting us to do the same. God shows us in this story that he is the wise, deep thinker who has taken every possible need into consideration before humans enter the divine dance of life. The icing on the cake of creation is of course God’s amazing gift of free will.
The Garden of Eden is to me an imaginary lush and colourful inner paradise, a source of peace and well-being. Crystal clear rivers and lakes provide the holy water of life for all those who thirst to learn and evolve with God. Beautiful trees create sacred shade.

River of Eden

I love gardening and I love music. About a year ago I moved into a house with a garden, which was to me a blank space. Slowly but surely, listening to music, I composed a symphony of colours. More and more butterflies began to dance on the plants in this little Garden of Eden.
There is something very spiritual and fulfilling about letting the soil of Mother Earth run through my fingers under God’s massive sky. The rain…yes, the rain, oh how I love feeling the rain trickle down my face, wetting my hair and clothes. And the divine union of the sun and the rain, the rainbow how it nurtures my soul as I listen to the waves of the ocean.
Nature, glorious nature, the essence of our being, a deep connection with the divine, the Garden of Eden in our souls…mystery, fascinating mystery…what does it all mean?
The Garden of Eden, the beginning of the Old Testament leading us through The Arch of Love into the new, the New Testament and to the one great, ALL loving liberator of humanity, Jesus, the gate opener to the Garden of Eden in our souls.

Garden of EdenLent by Charlotte Common

New beginning

Do we dare to accept the git of Liberation?
Do we dare to let go and evolve?
Do we dare to dream of new beginnings?
Do we dare to face our individual truth?
Every question polishes the golden roots of the Love Tree as they grow stronger and deeper into the pure soul connection with God.

Questions, discernment and pro-life choices are all part of the most amazing gift humanity has been given: glorious free will. Each one of us has the power to say no to our own inner control freak. It is up to each one of us to choose and then take action to either swim, walk, run, skip, dance or even crawl through the Arch of Love to new life.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours



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