The Journey from Misery to Magic

Today marks the beginning of the very exciting online summit

From Misery to Magic – Love Gone Wrong

How to turn the dry acre of a limited life in to a lush, abundant paradise of the soul!

Fifteen inspiring and committed experts from around the globe joined me in soulful conversations as we explored important life issues together. I was often deeply moved by their honesty and courage as they shared very personal stories with me and the global audience. I strongly believe that we learn from each other by telling our stories. We all carry wounds deep within ourselves. By exposing them we allow them to heal.

Life is not always easy, and yet, with tolerance and unconditional love we can walk a very difficult and stony path with confidence, if we get the support of those who understand.

Walking barefoot in the sea of life we might get hurt. And yet, feeling the sand underneath our feet we are so close to Mother Nature. As the sun warms our souls and we dare to let go of the past, new life appears, and the waves of time carry us gently towards our destiny.


Charlotte on beach